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36. General Tso’s Chicken Spicy

Crispy battered White Meat tossed in a Spicy Tangy Sauce.
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49. Breaded Lemon Chicken

Crispy breaded White Meat served with our special homemade lemon Sauce...

48. Sweet & Sour Chicken

Crispy Chicken balls with bell peppers, onions, and pineapple cooked in...

52. Honey Garlic Chicken Balls

Battered, juicy, crispy Chicken balls cooked with honey and Garlic Sau...
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50. Crispy Almond Chicken

Tender and crispy breaded White Meat with almond and sugar powder on t...
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Dry Szechuan Chili Ginger Chicken Spicy

Crispy battered sliced White Meat Pan-Fried with house-special sweet and...
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45. Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts

A delightful blend of Pan-Fried diced Chicken Stir-Fried with mixed veggies...
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51. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

Braised White Meat Stir-Fried with mixed vegetables with sautéed and light ...

46. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

Sliced White Meat with bell pepper and onions cooked in Black Bean Sau...
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43. Diced Chicken with Red Pepper & Peanuts Spicy

Diced Chicken Stir-Fried with bell peppers, onions, peanuts and Chili peppers...
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40. Orange Peel Chicken (meat only) Spicy

Braised sliced White Meat cooked in orange peel and Chili Sauce.
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Shredded Chicken & Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce

Shredded Chicken and onions Stir-Fried with Green Bean in Black Bean S...
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38. Chicken with Chili and Garlic Sauce Spicy

Pan-fried sliced White Meat with bamboo shoots, carrots, onions, and bell...
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44. Pepper Chicken

Juicy dice Chicken Stir-Fried with Veggies in spicy Sauce and Chili pe...
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42. Dai Ching Diced Chicken

Deep fried diced Chicken with veggie in house-special spicy seasoning.
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41. Deluxe Dai Ching Chicken Spicy

Sliced White Meat Stir-Fried with veggie in house-special spicy Sauce.
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37. Chicken with Hot Pepper and Garlic Sauce Spicy

Sliced White Meat Pan Fried with hot pepper and garlic, placed on the top...
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39. Deluxe Orange Peel Chicken Spicy

Pan-fried sliced White Meat with Veggies cooked in orange peel and Chili...
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47. Curry Chicken Spicy

Stir fried sliced White Meat with bell pepper, onions, and celery in spicy...