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Menu of Szechuan Chili Restaurant

Dine-in menu
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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Appetizers - 头盘

Soups - 汤羹类

Seafood - 海鲜类

Chicken - 鸡类

Beef - 牛肉类

Pork - 猪肉类

Hot Pot - 煲仔类

Vegetarian - 素菜类

Nothern Style Chow Mein - 北方炒面

Cantonese Style Chow Mein - 广东炒面

Rice - 米饭类

Noodles In Soup - 汤面类

Snacks - 小食

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Assorted Dim Sum

Noodles In Soup (Lunch)

Family Combos