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30. Deep-Fried Squids with Salt&Pepper

Spicy and crisp-fried squid tossed in Salt and Pepper.
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24. Prawns with Salt & Pepper

Spicy and crisp-fried prawns tossed in Salt and Pepper
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25. Deep Fried Prawns

Breaded deep-fried prawns with Sweet and Sour Sauce on the side.
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23. Prawns with Black Bean Sauce

Stir-fried prawns with bell pepper and onions in Black Bean Sauce.
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26. Prawns with Chili Sauce

Juicy prawns braised in a house-special spicy Chili garlic and tomato ...
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Stir-Fried Sliced Fish with Green Beans

Braised sliced fish with sautéed Sauce on the Stir-Fried Green Bean ba...
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29. Pan-Fried Eggs with Prawns

Prawns with Pan-Fried scramble eggs
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34. Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish

Crispy buttered basa fish with bell peppers, onions, and pineapple cooked...
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Prawns with Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce

Green beans Pan-Fried with juicy prawns with Black Bean Sauce
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Prawns with Cashews

A delightful blend of Pan-Fried prawns Stir-Fried with mixed veggies and...
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22. Prawns with Red Pepper and Peanuts

Juicy prawns Stir-Fried with bell peppers, onions, peanuts and Chili p...
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27. Curry Prawns

Stir fried prawns and veggies with spicy yellow curry Sauce.
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35. Pan Fried Prawns, Scallops and Squids

Mixed prawns, scallops and squids lightly stir fried with snow peas, mushrooms,...
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21. Dai Ching Prawns

Juicy prawns Stir-Fried with Veggies in house-special spicy Sauce.
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28. Prawns and Scallops with Hot and Spicy Sauce

Stir fried prawns and scallops with bamboo shoots, carrots, onions, and...
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31. Fish with Salt & Pepper

Spicy and crisp-fried buttered fish tossed in Salt and Pepper
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33. Fish in Szechuan Style

Sliced Basa Fish and Veggies cooked with Szechuan Tradition Spicy Soybean...
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32. Braised Sliced Fish in Chili Sauce

Sliced basa fish braised in a spicy Chili garlic and tomato Sauce